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I qualified as an osteopath at the European School of Osteopathy in 1995, and gained much experience in several practices until setting up my own practice in 2001.

In practise, it became apparent to me that many of our aches and pains may be attributed to postural changes and faulty movement patterns that have become habitual during our daily lives, at work and at play.
With this in mind, I trained and qualified as a Pilates instructor (level 3, advanced) in 2009, and have been teaching several classes per week in addition to individual sessions for those requiring remedial exercise or rehabilitation.
I now spend more time teaching exercise techniques to alleviate pain, combining this with hands-on soft tissue manipulation (see Massage link).
I have found that both Pilates and massage techniques are hugely beneficial used separately, but a combination of hands-on treatment alongside postural correction and exercise is a very powerful tool.
If you would like to join a class or book an appointment please contact me Email.